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Can the average NBA Fan afford to go to a game?


Personally I am not a basketball fan, but I am a sports fan in general, hence the reason I started Pro Team Watches. If I were a basketball fan the local team would be the Boston Celtics and even that would be a 68 mile drive one way to go watch them. Now I’m not saying that people don’t drive that far to go to a game. In fact I’m sure there are some dedicated fans who travel a lot further. I would probably be like most people and would want to watch my local team play live. However; the more and more people I talk with, state that they are watching more sports on TV versus going to the stadium due to cost. If players continue to demand increased salaries, then owners will continue to increase ticket prices as well as the cost of parking, food, drinks and memorabilia.

In today’s world with the economy the way it is, most families have both parents working just to pay their monthly bills. They struggle to afford the additional luxury of going to a professional game at all, never mind on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I know that every sport is another form of entertainment and we all have to pay for that. Maybe the basketball players and the owners can figure out a better way to increase salaries without it affecting the average sports fans wallet. If the team doesn’t gain a Victory, should the players and owners give a refund back to the fans that purchased tickets (we can dream can’t we).

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