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Pro Team Watches wants to hear from our customers and anyone else that would like to offer their comments on our articles or sports watches. Our company name is self explanatory; Pro Team Watches offers a wide selection of officially licensed logo watches for College, University, MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, and the NHL. Why not tell us why you wear these watches!

Pro Team Watches Blog

  1. Major League Soccer

    Although Major League Soccer (MLS) was founded in 1993, the first 10 teams to enter the MLS didn’t play in the United States until 1996. The MLS was founded in order for the United States to place a bid for the 1994 World Cup. The first ten teams to play were the Columbus Crew, D.C. United, the New England Revolution, the NY/NJ MetroStars (Now the NY Red Bulls), the Tampa Bay Mutiny (no longer in the MLS), the Colorado Rapids, the Dallas Burn (now FC Dallas), the Kansas City Wiz (now Sporting Kansas City), the Los Angeles Galaxy and the San Jose Clash (now the San Jose Earthquakes).

    The MLS is sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation and currently follows the IFAB rules and standards which are published by the governing body of FIFA. Since 1996 the MLS has grown from 10 teams to 19 teams starting in 2012. The league is made up of the Eastern and Western Conferences who play from March through October.

    The Eastern Conference consists of the Chicago Fire, Columbus Crew, D.C. United, Houston Dynamo, New England Revolution, New York Red Bulls, Philadelphia Union, Sporting Kansas City, and Toronto FC

    The Western Conference consists of Chivas USA, Colorado Rapids, FC Dallas, Los Angeles Galaxy, Portland Timbers, Real Salt Lake, San Jose Earthquakes, Seattle Sounders FC, Vancouver Whitecaps FC

    To learn more about each individual team you can go the the MLS website and click onto their logo at the top of the page.

  2. Do Watches Make a Good Christmas Gift?

    Each year many people purchase a watch for that special person in their life. The reasons for the purchase vary from people that can’t decide what to get and are making a last minute purchase, to the individual that knows exactly what they are looking. Watches are still one of the most popular gifts that people purchase for the special person in their lives. Watches are definitely a conversational piece, as most people you are talking to tend to notice when you are wearing a new piece of jewelry. Even a complete stranger if asking you the time may make the following comment; “what a nice looking watch; where did you get it”.

    New York Giants Legend Series WatchIn 2007 a customer purchased a New York Giants Legend Series watch as a Christmas gift for his father. His father has been a fan of the team all of his life and goes to many of their games. It just so happened that the New York Giants later went on to win the World Series in 2008. Now both the son and the parent have a story to talk about and will probably talk about it for many years to come.

    So not only do watches make a Great Christmas Gift, but they can make Great Stories Which Last a Lifetime.

  3. NBA Basketball Logo Watches

    Can the average NBA Fan afford to go to a game?


    Personally I am not a basketball fan, but I am a sports fan in general, hence the reason I started Pro Team Watches. If I were a basketball fan the local team would be the Boston Celtics and even that would be a 68 mile drive one way to go watch them. Now I’m not saying that people don’t drive that far to go to a game. In fact I’m sure there are some dedicated fans who travel a lot further. I would probably be like most people and would want to watch my local team play live. However; the more and more people I talk with, state that they are watching more sports on TV versus going to the stadium due to cost. If players continue to demand increased salaries, then owners will continue to increase ticket prices as well as the cost of parking, food, drinks and memorabilia.

    In today’s world with the economy the way it is, most families have both parents working just to pay their monthly bills. They struggle to afford the additional luxury of going to a professional game at all, never mind on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I know that every sport is another form of entertainment and we all have to pay for that. Maybe the basketball players and the owners can figure out a better way to increase salaries without it affecting the average sports fans wallet. If the team doesn’t gain a Victory, should the players and owners give a refund back to the fans that purchased tickets (we can dream can’t we).

  4. Who Wears Watches and Why?

    NFL New England Patriots Victory WatchYou can find the time by looking at your MobilePhones, iPads, Clocks, Laptops, TV's, on the dash of your Car, as well as many other tools in your day to day routine. Will some find these accessories a replacement to tell time? The answer is yes! However; the real question becomes; is time your only reason for a watch?

    So, why do people wear a watch?

    If you're from the 20th century (1900 - 1999 for you young kids) you probably wear a watch because it's a part of your life and you grew up wearing a watch. You're just so used to wearing a watch that you would feel naked without it.

    People wear watches for many different reasons.

    Toronto Maple Leafs Heart Watch
    You will see anything from a small petite watch to something that you need to work out every day just to be able to carry the weight of the watch on your wrist. This begs the questing, which watch is best suited for your life's routine?

    Today, people still have their favorites when it comes to a manufacturer or style of a watch. Some use it as conversation piece or to show their support for their favorite team or organization. While others, use a higher-end watch as a symbol of status.

    Watches are more than an Accessory

    Florida Gators Men's Legend Watch
    Watches are more than an accessory or a tool; they're an extension of a person's personality. So the real question is not which watch best suits your life; instead it becomes, which watch best represents you?

    Pro Team Watches has focused on the sports enthusiast and has many different styles of Game Time watches for the child or the professional executive. has watches ranging in price range from $24 all the way up to $1300. If you wear a watch purchase from Pro Team Watches then you have both a conversational piece, while showing the support of your favorite team or organization. All of their watches are officially licensed by Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), Colleges and Universities (National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

    We're glad you took the "Time" to read this article!

    Please feel free to visit the various pages of the website to view and purchase your favorite team watch.

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